Summer Makeup Trends 2014 for Girls

It’s summer again and it’s really challenging for makeup artists to make it melt-proof. So here are some of the latest makeup trends suggest by the expert makeup artists for girls.  There is a great variety of makeup trends. Those who want to look simple and also those who want to look sexy and wild can choose any of the makeup trends. It all depends on ones chooses and the way one wants to look. Different sources have highlighted the expected makeup trend 2014.

Summer Makeup Trends Girls

Makeup trends 2014 that are expected to be the most unique and chic are the orange lipsticks. They give a splendid and chic look to a person. If one wants to get a Makeup trends 2014glamorous look along with having a chic appearance then one should definitely go for these makeups. Berry lips are other chic and trendy makeup trends 2014. This gives an exposing look to a person. And to perk up minimal makeup, brighter berry lips work the best as it gives a fascinating look to a person. So, if one wants to get a trendy look, they can opt for this makeup. Pink lips are also important makeup trend 2014. Bright pink lips look great with natural eye makeup. It gives a trendy and chic look to a person

Wearing an eye shadow in an electric blue tone is an amazing and dazzling makeup trend 2014. Those wearing this blue toned eye shadow get a scorching and blaring look. One can also wear lid in rich solid lash line to crease to get a stunning look. For a disco look, powdery blue shades can be layered to get a sexy look. Those who want to get a wild look should definitely try this makeup.

Cat eye makeup is one of the dominating and famous makeup trends 2014. Eye liner is used to get this style. The cat look flabbergasts everyone as it gives a wild look to a person. White shadows are another trendy makeup and it used to highlight the eyes. It gives a lustrous and outstanding look to the eyes. Eye liners are the essential makeup trends 2014 as most of the eye makeup are done by eye. Eye liners can give a dramatic and trendy look to the eyes. Whether one wants to look simple or sexy, they can get the look by the proper use of eye liner.

Other important makeup trends 2014 are the glowing skin. The best suggestions for having a glowing skin by famous makeup artists according to sources are to use a moisturizer and an illuminator. Those who want to highlight their beautiful face even more can opt for or use a bronze. Bronze should be applied on the cheeks and forehead by using a moist sponge. For glowing skin one can also use glowing powders and highlighters but those having oily skin should be very careful in selecting the stuffs for making their skin glowing. Uses of blushes are also the makeup trend 2014. It looks a fresh and healthier look to the face along with looking fashionable and stylish.

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