Audrina Patridge FHM Australia October 2

Audrina Patridge FHM Australia October 2

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  1. The new FHM with Audrina Patridge certainly doesn’t measure up to the previous FHM with Audrina. Since her drastic reduction to start 2011 she can’t measure up to the formerly fabulous curvy Audrina. No cleavage, flattened, sagging Audrina is a shadow of her former self. Look at the last FHM in the hot red bikini and beach scenes – Audrina was unique and adorable, slender and toned with impressive cleavage. Then look at this new version of droopy Audrina being squished into some spandex one piece looking flat and old before her time. Her belly is her most dominant body feature. Whoever thought that was a good wardrobe choice was sadly mistaken. She definitely needs some kind of lift and support now. Audrina is no longer up to FHM standards – from hot to not! When she removed her signature cleavage and curves, she took her glamour and stunning looks away as well. Sad she would go through such a drastic procedure to look far less attractive!


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