Beyonce Knowles GQ Magazine February 2013

American singer Beyonce Knowles photographed by Terry Richardson for the cover shoot of the men’s magazine GQ US for their February 2013 issue.

Beyonce Knowles GQ Magazine 1

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  1. The GQ magazine of Beyonce Knowles looks pretty nice. Beyonce Knowles is a beautiful, successful, and hardworking woman. She needs to becareful how she markets herself in the modeling entertainment industry. People of all ages are fans of Beyonce and if you look too provactive, slutty, and whorish young kids, and teenagers will carry themselves the same way. I know Hollywood is a manipulating industry that wants celebrities to sell themselves to make it bigger in entertainment. It is not worth what its cracked up to be. If you are a professional individual carry yourself like you are. Don’t be a fool to get rich off of the “American Dollar”. It is not worth your life doing it. Its just a career and job you do to support yourself, your friends, and family that need your help.


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