Ranbir Kapoor GQ India Magazine March 2009

Ranbir Kapoor featured on  GQ India Magazine  March 2009  issue. He’s been hailed as the new hope of Hindi cinema – despite the fact that he’s made only two films so far, neither of which has been a hit. Then again, he’s a Kapoor, scion of the nation’s most extraordinary film dynasty.


That might not impress those of us weary of India’s obsession with nepotism and dynasties – but you might be impressed with Ranbir, a bright, ambitious actor who clearly knows he has to do a lot more than drop his last name to make it in 21st-century Bollywood. In this interview, Ranbir opens up with some refreshingly honest answers about everything, from riding on his father’s coattails to sex and drugs, to why he really doesn’t deserve all the money he’s making.

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