Diora Baird

FHM UK Calendar 2010 – Glossy Images

The international men’s magazine FHM UK presents it’s annual calendar for the 2011. FHM Girls will delight you with their charm every month. These glossy images of FHM Calendar of 2011 is perfect for your wall.

FHM Australia Calendar 2011 - Full Images

The 13 world wide women photographed for the 2011 calendar of the men’s magazine FHM Australia. calendar has just been released and the images are definitely going to make next year go by very nicely for all of us! Spend 12 months of 2011 with great hot babes.

Diora Baird FHM UK November 2010

American actress Diora Baird is the very vampire girl on the cover page of men’s magazine FHM UK for the month of November 2010. Diora Baird flashing to the city of Los Angeles and gave a Dark and deadliest photos shoot for the magazine.

Diora Baird Australia FHM June 2009

Hollywood actress and former model of Guess Diora Baird clicked for FHM magazine Australia for the month of June 2009 issue. With a role in Star Trek and an FHM cover, Diora Baird is ready to take over the galaxy.

Diora Baird Maxim Magazine Photo Shoot

Diora Baird is famous for her role in the Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn comedy “Wedding Crashers”, and before that, taking it all off for Play boy. Now the blonde, Catherine Deneuve […]

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