Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku Ocean Magazine January 2010

American actress Eliza Dushku back by popular demand on the pages of Ocean Magazine for the month of January 2010. After the success of “Dollhouse,” this 29 year-old actress is currently unemployed.

Eliza Dushku Complex US October November 2009

American TV star Eliza Dushku gets a curtain call of US magazine Complex for the months of October November 2009. The star of the series Dollhouse at FOX, currently promoting the second season of it.

Eliza Dushku FHM UK September 2009

American actress Eliza Dushku no stranger to men’s magazines. The star of “Dollhouse” has done a hot photo shoot for FHM UK which published in September 2009 issue of the magazine. She also posed for Maxim in early.

Eliza Dushku Boston Common April 2009

Watertown native Eliza Dushku is moving into Fox’s new Dollhouse, but her Hollywood lifestyle can never erase the new Englander within. Eliza Dushku graces the cover page of the March […]

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