Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell Women's Health Magazine April 2012

American actress Kristen Bell photographed by Jeff Lipsky fort he cover shoot of the Women’s Health Magazine for the April 2012 issue. She talks on working with her fiance, Dax Shepard, on the upcoming movie Outrun.

Kristen Bell Cosmopolitan Czech March 2010

The entertainment magazine Cosmopolitan Czech brings American actress Kristen Bell on its cover page of March 2010 issue. Kristen Bell and her fiance Dax Shephard are faring a bit better, though don’t expect them to say a peep about their upcoming nuptials.

Kristen Bell Cosmopolitan Spain January 2010

American actress Kristen Bell is the smiley face on the cover page of entertainment magazine Cosmopolitan Spain for the month January 2010. Kristen has returned to her best acting skills through her latest film “When in Rome.”

Kristen Bell Women's Health Magazine November 2009

American actress Kristen Bell shows her curative power on the cover page of Women’s Health Magazine. She has got a rocking body and an amazing career, but actress Kristen Bell is one of Hollywood’s most unassuming stars. Here she happily talks about her beauty and fitness rituals and curative powers of a snuggle party.

Kristen Bell Lucky Magazine October 2009

Body lean, toned, vibrant and beautiful smile that enchants the number of next October 2009 issue of Lucky magazine and for good reason, the lovely actress Kristen Bell makes a break for this special issue on new trends in terms of hairstyle.

Kristen Bell Celeb Life Magazine Summer 2009

American actress Kristen Bell done a photo shoot for showbiz magazine Celeb Life for their Summer 2009 issue. The 29-year-old actress talked about her passion for invisible children.

Kristen Bell Cosmopolitan US September 2009

The 29-years-old American actress Kristen Bell done a photo shoot by Cliff Watts for showbiz magazine Cosmopolitan US for the month of September 2009.

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