Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson GQ Korea November 2009

Men’s magazine GQ Korea dedicated its cover page to Pop singer Michael Jackson for its November 2009 issue. Michael Jackson really was the greatest pop star of all time. It’s difficult to overemphasis how fantastically exciting a performer he was at his peak.

Michael Jackson GQ US September 2009

After death, The King of Pop Michael Jackson featured on many magazine. Here is another one, This time he placed on the cover page of GQ Magazine US for their September 2009 issue.

Michael Jackson Rolling Stone August 2009

American Pop singer Michael Jackson featured on US Magazine Rolling Stone for the month of August 2009. Michael Jackson’s final days, hope and run and his unfinished last recordings. King of Pop one of the most widely ridiculed of all public figures.

Michael Jackson Vanity Fair September 2009

Vanity Fair magazine Tribute a cover page to American singer Michael Jackson for their September 2009 Style issue. In this Jackson issue, Lisa Robinson compiled the notes she had taken in numerous interviews with the late singer.

Michael Jackson Final Magazine Cover Collection

Michael Jackson on the cover of Q magazines August 2009 issue, which coincidentally went to press shortly before Jackson’s tragic death, has been widely circulated as the last authorized photograph of the singer.

Michael Jackson Entertainment Weekly Tribute Covers

Entertainment Weekly Magazine published four different covers in this week issue to Tribute the Michael Jackson. The covers feature Michael Jackson singing at home in 1972; on the set of the “Thriller” video in 1983 (pictured here); a portrait taken in 1983; and performing in New York City on Sept. 10, 2001.

Michael Jackson Time Magazine July 2009

Time magazine published special commemorative issue on Michael Jackson in July 2009. Magazine publish the comments of many music stars on Michael Jackson.

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